Table Talks Cover

Table Talks are family devotions Dads can share with their families. They cover a wide array of topics and are super easy to use. We try to make them so simple that no dad can mess them up. Most of them include a video component right on the page. There are also printable versions as well.

The intent is to give fathers a tool they can use to lead their families in a discussion around spiritual topics that relate to some component of family. We hope they are a useful tool for you and your family.

A Marriage God Has Joined Together

Parenting: “Let’s Talk”

Christian Beliefs/Apologetics: “Make Up Your Mind”

Homosexuality: “Why Mom and Dad are so Important”

Integrity: “Be Careful Little Eyes”

Thanksgiving: “More Than Turkey and Football”

Christmas: “Fear Not”

Legacy: “Family Matters”

Perseverance: “Don’t Quit!”

Communication: “Communication Breakdown”

Prayer: “Practical Prayer

Adversity: “Where Is God?

Christian Roles in Elections: “Election Direction

Thanksgiving: The First (Real) Thanksgiving

Give Love

How to Be Significant

Boldness: When the Right Thing is the Hard Thing

Honesty: I Cannot Tell a Lie

Rest: Come Unto Me

Generosity Always Wins

One Nation Under God

Wise Men Focus on Christmas