“My daughter talks about this night all year long!” Cinderella’s Ball Dad 

“It was the most awesome thing I have ever been to!” One of our “Cinderellas”

“…the best money I’ve spent in a long time…” Cinderella’s Ball Dad

The greatest blessing of having a daughter is the opportunity to set the standard for her future husband. As dads we are given the privilege to set the bar for the young man who will one day ask for her hand in marriage. 

Race to Heart

While the opportunities to set such standards arise on a daily basis, dads must capture special moments to take the lead and show his daughter the valuable gift she is to him. We must fill her longing for male affection and affirmation. 

Imagine a night where dad gives all of his attention to his daughter as they enjoy an elegant meal, encouraging messages and an enchanted night of dancing. This is no fairy tale night. It’s a reality at Cinderella’s Ball.

This annual spring event is a family favorite as dads and daughters enjoy a special night with each other as they create memories that will last a lifetime. More than that, it positions fathers on a platform of praying blessings over his daughter and showing her the jewel she is in his life.


May 7 & 8 at 6:00pm
Indigo Hall



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What's the best age for this event?

    This is our #1 question. The event is designed for girls in the First grade and up. (We have even had some college girls attend.) We let the fathers make this decision. If a dad brings a younger girl, he will have to make a few accommodations.
  • Is there a strict dress code?

    We want this to be a great experience for daughters and dads. Dress as nice as you feel will make the event special. We have had jeans and dress shirt all the way up to military dress blues. (However, most dads where a suit and tie...)
  • How long does the event last?

    We start at 6:30pm, but encourage dates to show up a little early to enjoy photo opps and seeing friends. Dates can leave as soon as they want when the dancing begins, which is around 7:45pm.
  • What is the program for the night?

    Pre-event pictures and punch / Dinner / Music / Video / Encouragement / Special Father-Daughter time / Dancing
  • Can a grand-father bring his grand-daughter?

    ABSOLUTELY! We recognize that some little girls may not have a dad in the home. By all means, her grandfather can be her date for this event.
  • When is the event?

    This is our spring event. Usually around the end of April or the first of May. Dates vary according to availability or our venue.