The secret of the best dads is knowing they can’t do “dad” alone. They practice collective wisdom…

Collective Wisdom – “shared knowledge arrived at by individuals and groups.”

We’re working hard to build a library of seasoned dads with great influence or great experiences that will help you be the best dad you can. Click any image to watch the interview.

Melvin Adams, Houston, TX

Melvin is a former NBA basketball player with the Denver Nuggets and Harlem Globetrotters. The Bleacher Report has him on their list of most all-time influential players in the history of the NBA. He has traveled the US, speaking to over 2 million people.


Jay Strack, Orlando, FL

Jay has his fingers on the pulse of the American family. He speaks to thousands of parents and students every year. He is the founder of Student Leadership University, where students get a “quantum leap” into the future as influencers and leaders.


Benham Brothers, Charlotte, NC

Having found themselves hosting a national TV show, only to be “fired” for their convictions about the value of human life, the Benham Brothers talk about being raised in a home where their dad modeled bold leadership. They have personally witnessed the influence of a godly father.


Caz McCaslin, Spartanburg, SC

Leading an organization designed to empower children through sports, Caz has seen the impact of sports on the family. He has also raised three daughters and offers some great advice on living in a home full of women and navigating the dating scene with his girls.


Chris Hogan, Nashville, TN

As part of the Dave Ramsey Team, Chris is a very busy individual. He travels the nation helping families get a handle on their families. But no family is more important than his own. Listen as Chris shares his “wins” and “losses” as a dad and how it shaped him as a father.


Dennis Nunn, Woodstock, GA

Dennis leads a ministry to empower Christians to share their personal story in such a way as to enable them to share the greatest story ever told, the story of Jesus Christ. Dennis gives us some tips on how we can disciple our kids and help them take an active role in helping them craft their own story.