Being a dad can sometimes feel like a one-man show. Dads are expected to lead their families, mow the lawn, help with kid’s activities, and spend time with their wife. Oh, and unless you hit the lotto recently, there is probably a job that requires a little attention.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where dads could learn from each other, and get practical tools they can immediately apply to their families?

Faith for Fathers introduces…
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This is a monthly luncheon offered “for dads, by dads” who believe that we can all use a little help, and that “we” is always smarter than “me.”

Dad’s Life is a monthly gathering of local dads over a lunch. It’s an opportunity to share your experiences as a dad as well as learn from others who are facing the same challenges. It’s also an opportunity for us to encourage you in your role of leadership and influence.

The cost is $10.00.

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