Teach Your Kids: Don’t Quit!

Help your kids be strong when they want to quit.

Watch This:  This is a clip from the movie, Rudy. You may need to explain the story live before you show the clip.


Ask This:

  1. What’s wrong with being a quitter?
  2. If you quit the first time something gets hard, what happens the next time something gets hard?


Read This: Philippians 4:13

Say This: “This is a favorite verse for athletes. They like this because playing sports and being a winner requires doing hard work and not quitting. But many times they say it or write it one way, but they act as if it is written a different way.

It reads, “I can DO all things…”, but many times they act as if it reads, “ I can TRY all things…”

There is a difference. If we believe we can DO all things, then we will work until we are successful. Unfortunately, many people are like the boy in the movie. They try until things get real hard, then they quit.”

Ask This:

  1. Do you think God wants us to be quitters?
  2. Where does God get more credit: when we work hard and do our best or work hard and then quit?


Say This: “Jesus loves us so much that He never quit. Even when people were hitting Him, calling Him names and putting Him on the cross. At any moment, He could have said, ‘I can’t take any more,’ and quit. But He didn’t. Why? Because He loves us so much. He knew if He quit, we would not have a chance to know God in a personal way. I’m glad Jesus wasn’t a quitter!”

Pray This: “Dear Jesus, thank you for not quitting when things were very hard for you. Help us to know what we can do for your glory and to never be quitters. And help us to encourage others when they feel like quitting. Please help us to be hard workers and to live our lives for your glory, no matter how hard it gets.”


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