Do you have any plans for the summer? Or will you get to August simply ready to get the kids back to school? Why not make this a summer your family will talk about all year long?

Introducing the “Not-So-Bummer-Summer” Plan!

We have created a simple tool for you to share with your family to help create memories around things that matter: Time with Family, Time in the God’s Word and Time serving others. It’s simple…

1) Download the “Not-So-Bummer-Summer” sheet and print. The intent is for you time make intentional plans to spend time with your wife, time with your kids and time together as a family doing two things: serving others and spending time in God’s Word.

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2) Plan a time when you can share this with your family.

3) Introduce the idea that YOU want to plan a great summer for your family.

4) Begin planning the activities you will do this summer. You don’t need 100% of the details at first. But you do need to begin thinking and praying for ideas and opportunities.

5) When you are ready to start, place this sheet on your refrigerator and get going!

** Click on the sheet icon to let us know where to send it.**


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