Boldness: When the Right Thing is the Hard Thing

Help your kids develop the boldness and confidence to do the right thing…even when it’s hard.

Getting Started

Say This: Have you noticed how hard it can sometimes be to do the right thing? Kids don’t want to admit that they’ve told a lie or broken one of mom’s favorite dishes. Teenagers often struggle to stand up for someone at school, or admit that they’ve seen or sent something inappropriate on their phone. Adults don’t always want to   correct the cashier who has given them too much change, or apologize to their family after losing their temper.

Ask This: Have you ever had to make a hard decision to do something you knew was right and that other people would make fun of you?

Say This: This seems especially true for Christians who struggle to live out their faith in a world that so often seems hostile to things that are important to God. The thought of saying a prayer in the cafeteria, admitting that we believe in God in Biology class, or sharing our faith with a neighbor or coworker seems terrifying.  Let’s take a look at the true story of a World War II hero who made the decision to stand up for what he thought was right even when it was extremely difficult.

Watch This

[Caution: While this scene is not violent, is does discuss war and may not be appropriate for young children. We suggest that you watch it ahead of time, and make sure it is okay for your family.]

Open the Bible

Read This: Daniel 6:3-23 (Daniel and the Lion’s Den)

Say This: Just like Desmond Doss (movie clip), Daniel refused to compromise. Daniel had earned the trust of the king, which made other men jealous of him. These men tricked the king into issuing a decree that would force Daniel to either compromise his beliefs, or ignore the command of the king. Even in the face of death, Daniel responded with fearless obedience. God honored Daniel’s obedience with a display of his miraculous faithfulness.

Both Desmond Doss and Daniel had a relationship with God that allowed them to stand strong when they were tested. Our world will always try to convince us that compromise is inevitable. It is only when we walking with the Lord that we will be able to stand strong regardless of our circumstances.

Ask This:

  1. What are some similarities you see in the stories of Desmond Doss and Daniel?
  2. When is a time that you have, or have been tempted to compromise what you believe?
  3. Share a situation you have faced where doing the right thing meant doing the hard thing and you didn’t do it.
  4. What was Daniel doing that helped him avoid compromise? What can we learn from this?


Pray This: Dear God, Galatians 6:9 encourages us to “…not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” We are thankful for examples such as Daniel who remind us that when we rely on you, it is possible to do the right thing even when it is the hard thing. We ask that you guide our family, and help us to be obedient to your commands. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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