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“Jonathan was amazing! He was able to speak so clearly to the hearts of the men in our group. Many realized they need to step up.” – Men’s Ministry Leader, Arrowwood Baptist Church, Chesnee, SC

I welcome the opportunity to be out in the public, sharing our story and encouraging fathers to make the most of their leadership responsibility. No event is too small. I love to encourage fathers and families to make the most of the opportunities they have, while they have them. We live in a busy culture and if fathers aren’t prompted to lead and capture the moments they have, they will continue down a road away from their families.

This is the place where you can learn more about how I can help you, help fathers. I have my own “test lab” as I have three very different children of my own. Each in their own way challenge me to assume my role as the spiritual influencer in their lives. My background in Student Ministry and Camp Ministry has opened my eyes to the negative influence absent fathers have on their children.

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My message is simple: If we don’t lead our kids to Jesus, someone else will lead them to the world. I passionately encourage fathers to guard their families and make the most of the opportunities to create Christ-centered memories.





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August 25-27, Men of Steel Weekend, Black Mountain, NC


Here’s a clip of me sharing the Faith for Fathers backstory at HIS Radio:



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