Watch This: (Clip from “Inside Out”)


Say This: In this scene from the movie Inside Out, we see that a person’s personality and life is built upon their most important “core” memories.  When you think about it, the same is true for a family.  Our family is built on the things that are most important to us, and is held together by the memories we share together.  Of all the things that are important to our family, nothing should be more important than our relationship with Jesus.  In the Bible, God often instructed His people to build an altar as a way of remembering all that God had done for them.  Let’s read about one of these instances found in the book of Joshua:

Read This: Joshua 4:1-7

Say This: God instructed Joshua to build an altar as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to future generations.  As we look forward to a new year, it is important that our family also remembers all that God has done for us.  Let’s take a few minutes to do this, and consider it our “State of the Family” address. (Begin by taking a moment to share one specific way each member of your family helps make your family great.  This is a time to praise each person.)

Ask This:

  1. What were some victories our family celebrated in 2015? (New job, achievement in school or a sport, moving to a new home, improved health/fitness, etc.)
  2. What were some challenges our family overcame in 2015? (Loss of a job, health issue with family member, struggle in school or with friends, death of a family member, etc.)
  3. In both the victories and challenges, what were some ways that we saw God’s faithfulness?
  4. What are some of the potential victories/challenges we may experience in 2016?
  5. How can remembering God’s faithfulness in the past help us face the future?


Pray This: Dear God, thank you for your faithfulness to our family.  As we begin a new year, help us never forget all that you have done for us.  Remind us that while we don’t know what the future holds, we can be confident knowing that you hold the future.  Forgive us for when we fail you, and help us to live for you.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Try This: Make a trip to your local hardware store and purchase some stones for your own family alter.  Give each family member a stone, and ask them to decorate it with some of their most significant core memories.  Find a place in your home or yard to display this altar as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.


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