Watch This: 

Say This: What does it mean to be modest? Webster’s Dictionary defines modesty in the following ways: 1. the quality of behaving and especially dressing in ways that do not attract sexual attention. 2. Propriety (being proper) in dress, speech, or conduct. Although we typically think of modesty only in terms of what we wear, the truth is that modesty is actually more about what we do than how we dress.

Read This: Ephesians 4:16-24

Say This: In this passage Paul reminds us that as believers we should no longer live as the world does, but should instead remember that Christ has made us new creatures that are holy and righteous. This fact should motivate us to live, talk, and dress in a way that honors God, and reflects the change that has occurred in our lives.

The goal of dressing modestly is not to cover up something that is bad, but is to instead honor God with our bodies. Both men and women should ask themselves if their wardrobe reflects His heart, good taste, and humility of the heart. Both men and women should remember that they were bought with a price, and are set apart as God’s children.    

Ask This:

  1. How does God’s view of modesty differ from what we see in today’s world?
  2. Who are some celebrities that you see display modesty? Immodesty?
  3. Why do you think God commanded believers to no longer live like the world?
  4. In thinking of modesty as “living properly”, what are some ways that both guys and girls can practice modesty in their lives?
  5. Other than how we dress, how else can you practice modesty in our daily lives?


Pray This: Dear God, you are worthy of our best at all times. Everything that we think, say, do, and wear should honor you. Help us to understand that how we dress should reflect our love and respect for you and for those around us. Thank you for giving your son Jesus to be our example, and help us to be an example to others. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

 Try This: Have dad take the kids shopping for some clothes one night as a date night. Find a comfy chair outside the dressing room, and let them put on a one person fashion show. This will let your kids see that you are interested in what they wear, and that you want to be part of the process.