Table Talk – “What God Has Joined Together”

Begin with This: “The greatest gift we can give our children is a Godly marriage. This devotional celebrates the institution of marriage as you share how husbands and wives are similar and different. It also allows you to talk about how God uses the marriage relationship for His glory.”

Watch this…

Say This: (it’s OK if you read this word-for-word) Begin by telling your kids how you proposed to your wife. Do you know why I married you mom? God created marriage so that mom and I, together, could reflect His character to you and to other people. When people look at our marriage, they need to see an example of God’s commitment to us as His children. A commitment to never leave us and to love us no matter what.

Read This: (let your kids read this from a Bible…) Genesis 2:18-23 (24 is optional in case you don’t want to get into “one flesh.”)

Say This: (again, you can read this “as is”…) Did you catch where that verse said that God “brought her to the man”? God is the one who introduced Eve to Adam. The beautiful part of marriage is how God takes two totally different people and joins them together into a team that He can use to show others how much He loves them.

Ask This:

• How are your mom and I different?

• How are we alike?

• How do we make each other better?

• What part of our marriage would you like to carry with you into your marriage some day?

Pray This:

“Heavenly Father, thank you for the blessing of marriage. Our family is what we are today because you brought us together. Help mom and dad love each other in a way that other people can see you. Let their love for you and for each other shape our family into a tool you can use to encourage and bless others. Amen.”

Try This:

Idea #1: Mom and dad answer the same questions in the “Ask This” section for your kids.

Idea #2: Give each family member an index card and ask them to write a Love Letter to each one and leave it somewhere this week where they can read it.

© Faith for Fathers, 4/15

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