Do You Have a CLEAR Goal?

If you’re working on your Dad Plan or setting goals in general, there is a right way to do it. Too often, we miss our goals because we try to wing it or keep it in our head. If we want to succeed with our plans, we need to make sure our goals are CLEAR, written down and put somewhere we can see them often.

This is what we mean by CLEAR goals:

C – Concise

Your goal has to be concise…down to the point. Instead of “I want to date my wife more this year,” try “I will take my wife out on a date twice a month.”

L – Limited by Time

Put deadlines on your goal. Instead of “I want to spend more time with my kids,” try “I will give one night a month for one-on-0ne time with each of my kids.”

E – Easy to Evaluate

The goal needs to be something you can clearly recognize. Instead of “I want to have a better attitude,” try “I will say something positive to each person I meet today.”

A – Actionable

Some goals need action steps that lead to the desired result. Instead of “I will start running,” try “I will run three days a week at 6:30am.”

R – Results Driven

Make sure you have small victories along the way. Staying with our running example…instead of stopping at “I will run three days a week at 6:30am,” expand it out to include “I will run 1/2 mile for a week, then increase by 1/2 mile each week.”


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